Champagne Blonde

It’s only a matter of time before our winter hair starts feeling a bit lackluster and our tresses start begging for a little glow up. Forget about just choosing between blonde, brown, or red hair color—no, it’s all about hitting the right spot on the spectrum of tones within your favorite hue for your most flattering look yet. Warm blonde shades, unlike cool or neutral blonde shades, give that instant brightening boost our locks crave with the coming of warmer, sunnier days. Think gold, honey, amber, caramel, strawberry, and butterscotch as the delicious pillars of warm blonde hair color. Even your light-as-pearl blonde friend can join the party by warming up her cool platinum with buttery gold balayage, and your true-to-chestnut brunette friend can boost her brown with lovely caramel blonde. It’s the rich, high-definition glow and brightening effect that warm blonde gives that flatters every lady, fair or dark skinned, from the outside in. Besides, on the spectrum of blondes, we like to think warm blondes have the most fun. From your lightest warm blonde to your darkest warm blonde, here are our favorite blonde picks for a springtime refresher.