Custom made pencil edge fingertip length wedding veil falls to fingertip level, up to 48 inches diameter. This is a chiffon veil, learn more about this extraordinary fabric. Your mantilla veil will be made to order just follow the steps below.. This item is for a veil with a Pencil Edge. Pencil edge is done in the matching color (or any color you request, convo me). The pencil edge is a very narrow stitching right along the very edge of the veil that keeps the chiffon from fraying. Convo me if you want a different edge, you will need to order from a different item. Design your veil step by step (I'd love to help, just ask!) Note: more information and photos of each step at our blog Step 1: Wedding Veil Length How to find Your Specific Length: 1 - Find a friend to help you, a full length mirror is helpful too 2 - Wear the same shoes (or same height) as your wedding day. If possible try on your gown 3 - Place a long string on your head where you plan to wear your veil 4 - Run the string down your back and out straight behind you 5 - Mark where you want it to end 6 - Measure the string Some Fingertip Wedding Veil lengths to try: 48 inches 40 inches Note: on many 48 inches is much longer than fingertip, so be sure to check it on yourself. If you need it longer than 48 inches or less than 36 inches convo me because the price is different, we do make all lengths. Step 2: Bridal Veil Fabric This item is for a chiffon veil in your choice of silk chiffon or polyester chiffon. Convo me for other fabrics like bridal illusion, organza and English net. Most veils are made of bridal illusion. Chiffon is a woven fabric that is smooth and opaque (it's not very transparent). Chiffon is heavier than bridal illusion so it flows straight down without the poof of bridal illusion. Silk chiffon is very soft and a bit lighter weight than polyester chiffon. The silk chiffon only comes as wide as 42 inches. Do not get silk chiffon wet because it changes the fabric permanently. Polyester chiffon is very smooth and a little heavier than silk chiffon, a little more opaque too. Polyester chiffon comes as wide as 56". The polyester chiffon can get wet. Also if you need a really white color veil, polyester chiffon comes in a true white (silk does not get as white). Veil in the main photos here is polyester chiffon, white. Order wedding veil swatches today: Step 3: Veil Shape - Style This is a mantilla veil which is a large circle that is not gathered. Convo me for traditional 1 or 2 tier styles. Step 4: Veil Color Silk - White (it's a bit off white) Silk - Diamond White/Ivory (natural silk) off white/light ivory Silk - Champagne/Dark Ivory (cream) Polyester - White (a true white) Polyester - Diamond White (off white) Polyester - Ivory Convo me if you need a different color. Step 5: Wedding Veil Edges Is a pencil edge the edge you want? If not you need a different item. I have many edges to choose from, cost is determined by the edge. Convo me if you want a different edge. Order samples today! Step 6: Embellishments for Wedding Veils We have add on items if you want to add embellishments to your veil. Looking for fingertip veils with Swarovski crystals or faux pearls? Order an embellishment from our "Veil Embellishments" section [it's still has some growing to do, so convo for me if you don't see what you want]. Embellishments can be scattered throughout the veil or staggered along the edge. Step 7: Bridal Veil Attachment The veil comes attached to your choice of our 3.5 inch clear plastic comb, 3.25 inch wire metal comb, 4.25 inch clear plastic comb, just loops or we can attach it to your tiara. I recommend the 4.25 inch comb for polyester chiffon. Need help? Convo me, I'd be happy to take a look at your wedding gown and give you ideas. I've been making veils online for customers around the world since 2004. See my Etsy profile and Shop About page to learn more about the shop and me. Be certain to read all of my policies. This is a custom made veil so you need to be aware of all the details like time frame, shipping, returns/exchanges and more.