Divider designed for the IKEA Alex Drawers Sizing Guide: Available in 2 lengths 42cm - Fits the Ikea Alex 9 Drawer 52 cm - Fits the Ikea Alex 5 Drawer Please make sure you select the right size before checking out. Ikea Alex 9 Drawer: 42cm L X 29cm W X 4.5cm H 13 compartments (13 rows) Ikea Alex 5 Drawer: 52cm L X 29cm W X 4.5cmH 16 compartments (16 rows) Description: Made from 3mm clear acrylic Divider is shipped in acrylic strips and you are required to put it together. Assembly time takes less than 5 minutes. Link the strips into place and place in the drawer. Customize the layout of the dividers by removing strips as you see fit! Makeup not included. Picture shows Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Divider *DISCLAIMER* We are not affiliated with IKEA or any brands pictured in our photos.