A suspended luminous globe, like the moon in the night sky or a fragment of light that flies, seeking freedom. Satellight is a simple, immediately understandable object, but at the same time it is original and profound in its poetic lightness, that goes straight to the heart. The diffuser in handcrafted blown glass in a milk white color is inserted in the transparent body, also in blown glass, that as if by magic seems to support the luminous core of Satellight, capturing its light. The satin finish makes the diffuser like a “materic presence floating in the void” even when the lamp is off. When it is on, thanks to a LED source it transmits warm, soft, gentle light that never assaults the eyes of the observer, adding precious reflections to the shiny transparent glass of the enclosure.Suspension lamp with diffused and direct down light. The lamp consists of two hand-blown glass elements. A transparent glass cone and the glossy white blown glass globe contains the light source. Stainless steel suspension cable and a transparent electrical cable. Ceiling canopy with galvanized metal bracket and glossy white batch-dyed ABS cover, canopy decentralization kit available.FeaturesSatellight CollectionDesigned by Eugeni QuitlletBrightness light: diffused lightAvailable in White and transparent color