VOYAGE - HAND BLOWN GLASS PENDANT LIGHTS LED IN A BEAUTIFUL ASIMETRICAL-IRREGULAR-GLOBE-PENDANT-LIGHT- SHAPE THAT OFFERS AN ORGANIC BEAUTY INSPIRED BY NATURE by Galilee lighting. The "VOYAGE" pendant lighting are available in a smooth sand-blasted texture and in a unique glass twigs texture that adds a touch of art to the chandelier. HOW TO ORDER: 1. CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF PENDANTS 2. CHOOSE THE GLASS COLOR 3. ADD A MESSAGE WITH THE DESIRED CANOPY COLOR & SIZE AND THE TOTAL LENGTH OF CHANDELIER. 4. PLACE THE ORDER AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO GO OVER THE DETAILS IF NEEDED. NOT SURE ABOUT THE SIZE? NO PROBLEM! CONTACT US AND WE WILL BE HAPPY TO ASSIST YOU! DETAILS: - Style:VOYAGE CHANDELIER. - Material: Hand blown glass. - Pendant size: 3"D / 4-5"D shape - Pendant size glass twigs: 3"D / 4-5"D shape - Glass color: Clear glass / Frosted White / Frosted grey / Clear glass twigs /Amber glass twigs. - Bulb: LED / Halogen. - Price: 3" - $220 per pendant / 4"-5" - $240 per pendant. - Number of pendants: Any number - select from options. - Canopy size: Any size - contact us. - Canopy color: select from options. - Total length; Any length - contact us for free consultation. - Staggering: Ready to hang, adjustable on site if needed. (we will pre stagger the glass in our studio) - Slanted ceiling: Can be designed for sloped ceiling - Contact us. - Electric: Standard is US voltage / available in EU voltage & wiring - no extra charge. - Assembly : no glass assembly only attachment - Delivery: Worldwide. - Manufacture: Galilee lighting studio. - Customers reviews: Visit our website to view our constant happy customers 5 stars reviews. Amazing statement chandelier, two story staircase chandelier led, Bocci V73 similar style pendant lighting, Bocci style multi pendant light, IRREGULAR GLOBE PENDANT LIGHT,modern lighting led.