Best Deviled Eggs Recipe - Southern Living

A good deviled egg recipe is every Southern hostesses’ secret weapon. When she’s attending a potluck and isn’t quite sure what to bring—it’s deviled eggs. When the pastor is coming for dinner and an appetizer is required—it’s deviled eggs. And, when Easter rolls around, of course, deviled eggs are certainly in order. Perfecting the art of the deviled egg, though, that can be a battle. The filling shouldn’t be runny or too dry, and don’t you dare overcook those eggs or else you’ll be blessed with a not-so-gorgeous green ring around the yolk. How very unappetizing. Give our Best Deviled Eggs recipe a try and your hunt for the perfect Southern deviled eggs will finally be over. Our recipe breaks down how to make deviled eggs for a crowd (it serves 12!), with a no-fail process for the prettiest and most delicious eggs you’ll ever see. Just don’t forget to use your deviled egg plate—we wouldn’t want these little beauties rolling all over a flat platter, now would we?